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United States
Current Residence: In front of my computer.
Favourite genre of music: mix and match.. mostly strange.
Favourite photographer: The Pelican King- Shye, The pixie goddess. More? Yes. But these two pretty much own me currently.
Favourite style of art: Varied.
Shell of choice: Mortar
Skin of choice: My own, thanks.
Favourite cartoon character: Stitch.
Personal Quote: Just because perfection is impossible, doesn’t mean I've given up attempting to achieve
Yes yes yes. I do in fact live.

Had a bunch of crap crop up that pulled me away from my beloved digital home AND painting for the most part, but I do in fact draw breath.
Haven't done much but work on a painting for someone I have only NOW discovered is no longer even AT Deviant Art (what the hell, Pelican? Do NOT make me come to California again to hunt your ass down.  I know where you live AND I have a five foot by three foot fucking CANVAS you need to hang on that stone wall.)
So… there's that. And it's annoying.


I've been trying to gum up the moxie to actually PAINT again (I mean OTHER than the damned canvas that is now homeless.) For some reason, the thought of painting anything for myself has left me avoiding the computer as though it possessed its own supply of sand filled Vaseline, sweaty palms and a determined glint in its eye.
I have a few images lodged firmly in my head, yet I feel as though I've nothing to –say-. That's just annoying for everyone involved. I think, other than one particular image standing in the forefront of my brain, I may simply poke you guys for inspiration. Anyone got a character of some sort that needs a portrait? We can try that route back into the saddle and see how it works out.
Because hey! New directions mean new things to whine about, yes?
See? Win/Win. :)

Also while I've been away, I've come to a few conclusions:
Conclusion part the first-
I whine a lot.
Now, ordinarily, this wouldn't necessarily be a BAD thing so long as it was at least mildly entertaining.
However, the fact that all my 'woe is me' seems centered on what a brat my body is usually being has become glaringly obvious to me thanks to a cringe worthy trip back into my DA journal entries.
No. It does not MATTER that there is a good bit of time between each tanty session. What matters is that it is persistent and that self-pity is annoying and boring and frankly, a waste of time and energy. Thus, unless it has a pertinent baring upon something that is supposed to be happening, but isn't, I'm going to be curbing the physical update bullshit and simply getting on with things to the satisfaction and relief of all. I'm walking without a cane and my pain levels are much better under control now so focusing on them to the 'inth' degree seems defeatist in my opinion. So… 'Ehh' to that.

Conclusion part the second-
You (Yes. Every last one of you sparkly little bastards) are gorgeous, lovely and wonderful and I love you.
You know… In a non-sand filled Vaseline and sweaty palmed kind of way… Though some of you stand in danger of me leaning in that direction. I'll let you wonder which of you I am pondering. :P I'm helpful in developing nervous twitches that way. You're welcome.
There really ought to be a limit of pure awesomeness permitted by law, but you would all manage to surpass it anyway and thus I shall simply let you know that- via reading the self-same cringe worthy journal entries and any gallery comments you have all chosen to share with me- that you have all, simply by virtue of your visits and taking the time to sound off and leave your marks upon my virtual little gallery, managed to encourage, uplift, support and giggle with me when I usually needed it most.
The words 'thank you' seems rather shallow by comparison so I shall settle for informing you all that you rock my socks and I am ever so glad we've met. Even if only virtually.

Conclusion part the third-
I still want to do the Open Letter project if anyone is still inclined to put up with me doing so. After giving it a lot ( as in brain numbing amounts that have driven my brain to the point of simply shoving its imaginary fingers in to its imaginary ears and singing LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA Can't hear you sorry, were you saying something?) I have decided that I would like the project to be as completely Inclusive as possible. As such, rather than simply pick a topic and force participants to work out a way to fit their 'letters' and responses on to or INTO a human body shape or form, I think I would much prefer it if we all (each of us possessing different talents and interests in art media) simply put our replies into the form we are both most comfortable with AND most familiar with. Thus, if we were to pick (for example) our most vivid childhood memory, I could (and likely would) paint either the memory itself, or something representational of said memory, with my letter 'reply' down in the artist's comments.
That way, those of you who are more comfortable with the written word could make pomes or stories (fictional or otherwise, so long as it pertains to the topic), artists could create images and paintings, photographers could snap away happily and so on. This way, we can all get to know each other, make art together AND respect and celebrate out artistic differences. Much more cohesive that way methinks.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?  Should I just let it die and be done with it?
Sound off gang. I'm all ears.

… Okay, okay. EYES, you picky picky people.

  • Listening to: the dialogs in my head
  • Reading: too much into everything
  • Watching: My page stats... You're all amazing.
  • Playing: mental ping pong
  • Eating: Chinese
  • Drinking: tea

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Sure I 'll never forget nor you, nor your words.
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